About Us

Mission of the First State Chapter

The goals of the First State Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association are as follows:

  • To provide an important communications link between alumni and the university;
  • To promote the image and reputation of Virginia Tech within the community;
  • To promote strong positive relationships among alumni, students, parents and others within the community;
  • To support the activities of Virginia Tech and work toward the realization of the university’s educational goals;
  • To provide the university with a strong core of alumni volunteers who serve as an important marketing arm of the university; and
  • To promote the alumni pride and spirit of Virginia Tech


The First State Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association is part of an international network of Virginia Tech alumni and friends. For more information on Hokies in your area, visit the Alumni Association Site at www.alumni.vt.edu

Chapter Executive Board

Cindi Johnson

Vice President for Southern Delaware

Howard G. Sholl, Jr.


Mary Sage Earley

Scholarship and Communications Chair

Harold Schneikert